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Sept. 7,

    Press Release

    Contact: Beth Carpel

    Novel Debut on Wheels

    Elko, NV, September, 2009 - Assembling Georgia, an intriguing new novel by Beth Carpel,
    is picking up speed just in time for fall book groups.

    Georgia Dunn, a Minneapolis chicken-factory worker, turns her life upside-down when someone
    begins sending her motorcycle parts through the mail. Baffled and suspicious, Georgia
    nevertheless takes on this odd challenge. Who is sending her the parts, why, and how it
    changes both their lives is at the heart of this twisting tale full of humor and emotional depth.

    Carpel grew up in Washington, D.C., and during her “Vagabond years” (her late teens and 20’s)
    traveled widely around the country, including living for six years in Minnesota, the main setting
    of the novel. She finally settled down in the high desert area of northeastern Nevada. Since
    living there she has built her own house, raised her two sons, and written a play, short stories,
    and now her first novel. In addition to writing, Carpel is also an accomplished photographer.
    She is working on a new series of photographs inspired by the novel.

    She is also now nurturing the idea of another book based on her unique experiences of adoption -
    as an adopted child, the parent of adopted children, and recently, of meeting her extensive
    birth family for the first time.

    “A lot of things in my life have come around full-circle,” says Carpel. “Writing Assembling Georgia
    was a way of fictionally revisiting the scenes of my Minnesota days. Meeting my birth family has
    brought me around in an even bigger and more profound circle.”

    Her recent book tour of the Midwest took her back to many of the scenes of the book. While in the
    Twin Cities she was interviewed by Minnesota Public Radio’s Euan Kerr. In Northern Minnesota,
    Heidi Holtan of KAXE aired an interview with Carpel and has chosen Assembling Georgia as
    her Book Club choice for October. In the West, the Reno Gazette-Journal has published an article
    on the author and her novel.

    Assembling Georgia is available online at


assembling georgia
a novel by Beth Carpel